2019-01-08 | APP-Projekt S.A. - services

APP-Projekt S.A. provides to its clients wide spectrum of investment services ranging from the selection of a plot and investment location, through the conceptual phase and design process, up to investment implementation. Please find out more about our services.

Project Management - to ensure good project management, we carefully select members of our project and supervision teams  picking up best of the best. With APP-Projekt S.A. you can be sure that the implementation will be achieved within the prescribed time and will stick to a fixed budget.

Investment supervision - it consists on the supervision of performed works in terms of technical, technological and legal aspects. An important element of the investment supervision is the verification of compliance of the works performed with the project's guidelines, completion inspection and approval of individual construction stages as along with financial supervision over the investment.

Facility Management - is the process of managing the building infrastructure in such a way as to optimize any detailed requirements of a given business in the context of technical facilities. Facility management already begins at the design stage of the building, because only well thought-out infrastructure  can guarantee the use of modern and efficient technologies.

Technical Analyzes (Due Diligence reports) - are aimed at gathering as much information as possible about a given object or a land or plot; then a thorough analysis based on all technical aspects of their operation is conducted.

Bank supervision - this offer is addressed to banks that grant mortgage loans to investors implementing their projects on the real estate market. This service allows to reduce credit risk by systematically providing reliable information about the project status and the course of financing the investment by the bank.

Design process - we carry out urban, architectural multi-branch and detailed construction projects. With our support you can be sure that all the necessary formal and legal arrangements will be perfectly finalized. The scope of our company's activity also involves the preparation of tender documentation and architect's supervision.

General Contracting - with the support of APP-Projekt S.A. you can carry out all the construction works necessary to complete the investment. We guarantee a professional and effective going through the entire construction process.

APP-Projekt S.A. can guarantee to guide you successfully  through all construction stages!

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