2024-05-20 | RLB Euro Alliance conference for the first time in Poland!

The first RLBEuroAlliance conference of European real estate and construction professionals to be held in Poland is now over. During the two-week event, co-organised and hosted by APP-Projekt, almost 30 professionals took part from the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal.
The main topic of the event was the market in Poland, its situation, its possibilities, the business opportunities it presents and the potential to invest in it. @Robert Chojnacki, the chairman of the board of @Rednet was the special guest invited by APP-projekt and he gave a superb presentation summarising what had happened in the residential market over the first quarter of 2024. This informative presentation led to a lively discussion with many important conclusions drawn. Thank you for taking part and the great preparation.
As well as Polish issues, we talked about market trends over the first day of the conference and particularly about other European countries. We also talked about the hotel industry, best practices in the sector, and RICS and TDD (Technical Due Diligence) standards, as well as about new services and technologies entering the real estate and construction industries. Another important issue was the also the challenge of decarbonisation and the legal requirements for sustainable development.
During the second day we broached the topic of the activities of the RLB Euro Alliance association. We talked of the plans for the future and we set new goals for the organisation. Our guests were much impressed by Warsaw, its development and the quality of its real estate.
We want to thank everyone who took part including the panellists, and the members of the RLB Euro Alliance for the two days filled with discussions about the market and the influence we have to shape it. This set out a valuable guide for the future, which will result in APP-Projekt strengthening its position in the market in Poland and making it an important part of the European community of market professionals.

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