2023-04-25 | APP-Project is engaged in pro-ecological activities


 The last weekend in APP-Projekt was exceptionally active. Once again, we joined the global Earth Day campaign and got involved in cleaning the banks of the rivers - the Vistula in Warsaw and the Warta in Poznan.

 In Warsaw, we took part in the Operation “Czysta Rzeka” campaign and together we cleaned the right bank of the Vistula River, on the section from the “Kamień” Educational Pavilion to the Praga City Beach.

 In Poznan, on the other hand, we joined the action of cleaning the bank of the Warta River and together with the organizer of the initiative - the “Ratuj Ryby” foundation - Warta is worth! we cleaned up a selected section of the river.

 Participation in both events is not only an opportunity to clean up around you and remove garbage, but also a great way to show others responsible actions towards the environment and environmental protection. The sooner young people get into the habit of cleaning and segregating waste, the greater the chance that we will make the world clean and friendly for all its inhabitants again.

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