2024-02-07 | Capchem with a new production plant in Poland

Capchem, a world leader in electrolyte production, has completed the construction of a production plant in Śrem.

The electromobility giant trusted APP-Projekt and entrusted us with the role of a consultant in the tender for the general contractor, project management and investment supervision.

Our activities covered a wide spectrum, starting from the reconstruction of existing warehouse buildings with social and office facilities, through the construction of new buildings, to the creation of the necessary infrastructure.

The production plant in Śrem will play a key role in the production of electrolyte, which will be supplied to renowned lithium-ion battery manufacturers, such as LG, Chem, Northvolt and Tesla. Capchem Poland products will also significantly influence the stabilization of the electric car production chain, as well as the further development of sustainable technologies in Europe.

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