2024-06-26 | Investment Supervision for Distribution Center of Biedronka

APP-Projekt participated in the expansion and reconstruction of the Biedronka Distribution Center in Gdańsk, being responsible for the investor supervision of this project.

The facility is divided into a warehouse section for packaged goods and a refrigeration section, occupying a total of 4,000 square meters. Additionally, as part of the investment, the freezer area was expanded by approximately 300 square meters, and the storage area for products with short expiration dates was reconstructed. The number of docks was increased, and the existing ones were replaced with new ones.

External works involved the reconstruction of yards and internal roads, the relocation of the vehicle scale, and the construction of a transformer station along with the relocation of power generators.

To ensure appropriate refrigeration conditions, a new refrigeration machine room was also built to service the entire center. In the installation part, a heat pump along with a new ventilation unit was installed.

The investment has been completed and is now operational.


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