2018-10-17 | Pixel in Poznan

Pixel is an office building located in Poznań at 182 Grunwaldzka Street. It is a cluster of five buildings with a total area of ​​55,000 sq m. One of them, a six-storey building, is the headquarters of the Allegro Group. In addition to many offices and conference rooms, there is also a kindergarten in the office building! Exactly 3 kindergarten rooms and 2 nursery. Small tenants have a day filled with various activities: rhythmics, English, work with a speech therapist and psychologist, boys - judo, girls - ballet. Interestingly, there are green, wild meadows inhabited by insects and birds on the roof of the Pixel office building. About 40 different plant species grow there!

APP-Projekt supported the investor in the field of banking supervision.

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