2019-07-04 | Panattoni Europe's investments in Wielkopolska with support of APP-Projekt S.A.

90 thousand square meters of space within three parks Panattoni Park Poznań VII (Jaryszki), Panattoni Park Poznań IV (Komorniki) and Panattoni Park Poznań (IX Swadzim) and a plan to build more in the locations as much attractive as these. Panattoni Europeuch can already be proud of such investments. APP-Projekt provides the investor supervision over its construction. The complexes are to include nine functional buildings with the highest class warehouse spaces, suitable for both storage and light production.

Great opportunities of Wielkopolska, that place the region on the third position in terms of the amount of regional GDP in Poland, make it a very attractive location for investors. Its value is also enhanced by excellent communication (11 roads, 8 railways and A2 motorway) and a high population giving access to human resources.

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