2021-11-24 | APP-Projekt acts as a project supervisor of Osiedle Witaj

We carry out another project along with the RedNet Group. This time we serve as a project supervisor and cooordinate the design work of construction of the 1st stage of "Osiedle Witaj" in Poznań for Premium Properties 5 Sp. z o.o. The apartment complex is being built in Naramowice in Poznań, one of the greenest districts of the city. During the 4 stages 500 apartments will be built whilst the first stage assumes 110 two-, three- and four room-apartments with an area of 37 to 87 m².

Along with the RedNet Property Group we have been also working on such projects as “Widok Warta” in Starołęka (Poznań) and in Gąski for the investment: “Let’s Sea Baltic Park”.

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