2021-12-14 | APP Real Estate expands its activity!

APP Real Estate officially joined the APP Group. The company supports Polish and foreign investors in the overall implementation of the investment process, offering personalized packages of investment services. APP Real Estate comprehensively manages its Clients' investment projects - from their initiation to finalization, including the area of finding investment site or real estate property, business plan development and local vision, as well as architectural design, through general contracting, investor supervision or banking supervision, up to sale to the end customer.

Extensive knowledge of the Polish construction market and the real estate sector as well as many years of experience in project management in the industry enable APP Real Estate experts to manage each project: from industrial plants and housing estates to office buildings and shopping centers. 

The Management Board of APP Real Estate is composed of Jacek-Korwin-Małaszyński (also a Member of the Board of APP-Projekt) and Peter Hartmann (Project Management Director at APP-Projekt).

 For more information please visit: https://www.app-projekt.pl/714/app-real-estate

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