2022-04-25 | APP-Projekt takes care of the cleanliness of Wkra and Warta river

At APP-Projekt we like to spend time actively. Last weekend we combined sports activities with pro-ecological ones. Our team and their families became involved in the action of cleaning up the riverside of Wkra near Warsaw. As the general partner of the "Czysta Wkra" campaign, together with other volunteers, we cleaned up a 7-kilometer stretch of the river bank and managed to collect as many as 160 bags of garbage with a capacity of 120 liters! We cleaned up not only the river itself, but also its surroundings - the organizers provided full equipment, including kayaks. A similar action also took place in Poznań, where our representatives, together with the organizer of the initiative - the Ratuj Ryby Foundation, took care of the cleanliness of the Warta river bank. Both events were a great opportunity to integrate the team. We are glad that we could actively participate in such a beautiful pro-environmental campaign and we are already waiting for its next edition! 

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