2023-08-18 | Halls for Yetico under construction

On behalf of Yetico, we are responsible for investor supervision over the construction of two halls in Gorzów Wielkopolski. The facilities will produce thermoplastic components and polystyrene boards for thermal insulation of residential and public buildings.

Both halls will have approximately 2,000 sq. m. sqm surface each. Currently, the assembly of poles and steel structure is in progress. The entire investment will be ready by the end of 2023.

The investor is the Yetico company, which specializes in the production of e.g. components by injection molding, plates for thermal insulation of partitions, fittings and protective packaging as well as thermal insulation containers. The company with over 30 years of history currently has six factories throughout Poland. Yetico is actively involved in environmental protection. He is the initiator of the More Zeros Challenge campaign, which aims to eliminate waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions or the consumption of natural resources in the production process, and thus minimize the impact of this business on the planet.

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