2023-10-13 | Active as members of the Polish Association of Developers

The General Meeting of Polish Association Of Developers Members (PZFD) and the Developer Days are events in which we participated as members of the organization. In Wrocław, we took part in the General Meeting of PZFD Members, during which we discussed important issues regarding the organization's priorities and took part in a meeting summarizing legislative changes in the industry. We also had the pleasure of participating in the Developer Days organized by PZFD and in the announcement of the results of the 13th PZFD Cities Ranking. Anking of Cities is a list of provincial cities and centers with over 100,000 inhabitants. inhabitants. It is used to promote local governments that are most efficient in issuing decisions necessary to start development investments and those that have a high degree of coverage of their areas with local plans. Thanks to this, the ranking can be considered a barometer of investment moods in a given area.

Lublin took third place in this year's edition, the silver medal went to Gorzów Wielkopolski, and the winner's laurel went to the city of Białystok.

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