2023-10-20 | Construction company in a circular reality

The latest 38th edition of the Developer's Vademecum published an article written by APP-Projekt experts on the circular economy and the role of an engineering and construction company in the entire process. As it turns out, cooperation with a company competent in the field of circular economy, managing the project or providing investor supervision, provides many additional benefits and a guarantee of carrying out the investment in the best and most efficient way possible. – At APP-Projekt, we attach great importance to knowledge and the ability to use it on construction sites, which is why the company's employees regularly participate in training in ecological construction. Such courses contain specialized information on the design of facilities that are more effective in terms of energy, material and resource consumption - emphasizes Piotr Pluciński, technical director at APP-Projekt and author of the article. We invite you to read!

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