2023-11-13 | The third stage of Nove Olendry under the investment supervision of APP-Projekt

The third stage of the Nove Olendry estate in Poznan's Naramowice district is starting, with APP-Projekt providing investment supervision.
The project will involve the construction of four buildings and a total of 142 apartments. The investment is scheduled for completion in June 2025.
Our participation in this investment is a continuation of the cooperation from the second stage, in which we were responsible for the final investor acceptance of the facility and participated in the acceptance of residential premises with clients, performing investor supervision.

Nove Olendry is being built at Czarnucha Street in Naramowice - the northern part of the city. The estate is located close to the Żuramieniec reserve and provides a quiet, green environment. Naramowice is also very well connected with the rest of Poznań. Residents have many retail, service and catering outlets at their disposal.

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