2019-01-29 | Diaphragm walls in large urban agglomerations

In big cities, e.g. Warsaw, Wrocław and Poznań, in which we successfully supervise constructions sites, the implementation of new investments is hindered by existing dense urban housing, uneasy ground and water conditions and the need to build and use underground floors. Our many years of experience, however, prove that the implementation of such investments is possible and may become an interesting challenge. In large urban agglomerations, the most frequently used method of performing foundations are diaphragm walls.

They have many advantages:

They constitute the foundation of a building structure,

  • they protect the excavation against the access of groundwater, thus preventing among others the phenomena of suffosion or sandwaters,
  • allow the excavation to be carried out without the risk of ground movement and minimize the impact of works on neighbouring properties,
  • they practically eliminate the risk of settling or damaging surrounding buildings and related consequences,
  • they allow you to carry out works in heavily watered ground (usually made of hydro-technical concretes, which are waterproof),
  • thanks to them you can carry out construction works in the vicinity of old buildings and under restoration, which are extremely sensitive to land displacemens and movements of the groundwater level,
  • making diaphragm walls is a technology that does not generate shocks or vibrations that transfer to adjacent properties,
  • shortening the construction period; the implementation of diaphragm walls thus reduces the investment costs,
  • the technology of diaphragm walls is ecological because it involves the recovery, regeneration and reuse of the bentonite suspension used in the process of wall construction.

Thanks to the advantages of the diaphragm wall technology, APP-Projekt S.A  ia able to successfully build structures in the largest cities of Poland, managing even in the most difficult location and with technical or logistical problems.


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