2019-03-20 | Okraglak and Kwadraciak

Did you know that the Poznań Okrąglak, opened in 1955 and restored by the APP-Projekt S.A. company. is the ONLY building of Poznan, which can be found in architectural textbooks around the world? When it was erected, only few appreciated it Today we can be proud of this gem of modernism.
Okrąglak is located in the centre of Poznań at ul. Mielżyńskiego 14, on the corner of 27 Grudnia street. It was originally built according to the design of Marek Leykam. This nine-storey building is has a shape of a cylinder. On the roof there is an observation deck, a must-see spot on the tourist map of Poznan. Okrąglak is a 45-meter high building with an area of ​​5.9 thousand sq. m.

An office building called Kwadraciak was rected in the vicinity of Okrąglak.

The APP-Projekt S.A. company supported the investor in the field of project management, cost control and lesee coordination. It also held the investor's supervision.

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