2020-02-02 | Office market in Warsaw 2020

The office market in Warsaw is gaining significant growth every year. In 2019, the increase in demand for office space increased by 10% since 2018. The Warsaw office market, in contrast to other larger cities in Poland, thanks to the increase in demand exceeding supply, means that the number of vacancy rates is lower and lower.
Experts note a stable level of rents, and office rent is highly desirable. CBRE analysts believe that 2020-2021 will achieve the record-high supply of office real estate so far. The number of emerging offices may increase to over 800 thousand. sq m, mainly focusing on the construction of offices in the city centre. Already at the moment eager investors and entrepreneurs are signing pre-let agreements, although the construction of office buildings has not yet been built. Such quick interest in office space in Warsaw is at the highest level for 15 years. The largest tenants, especially corporate tenants, lease space in the most prestigious locations, which does not mean that smaller businesses do not find good housing in this region for their development. Large business entities often need much larger areas, which are located on high office floors. Rental of premises in visible and smaller areas are interested in micro, small and medium activities, which is to attract individual customers. Whether in one or the other case the centre of Warsaw is the most catchy position for the company's location, due to the developed infrastructure with areas on the outskirts of the city, as well as well connected to public transport, rail and car when the company has nationwide coverage. Finding a company is easier for visitors when it is located in the very centre of Warsaw.

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