2020-01-12 | Difficulties of the development industry in 2019

In 2019 the development market faced many challenges. The increase in sales prices, many legislative discussions and international topics that require anticipation and change in the property development and construction markets are just some of them. Other important topics that the industry had to deal with were ecology, sustainable development, technological changes that need to be adapted, climate change, spatial planning and problems with the number of parking spaces that must be anticipated for new investments.
The problem with parking spaces and the construction of underground parking lots, which increase the value of property sales, even when places are not sold together with flats, are the conversations of many debates in 2019 held at numerous industry meetings. Topics will continue in 2020 to find the right solution. The cost of existing solutions are still unprofitable in relation to the market value of the properties. Automotive themes play a key role here because apart from parking lots, an important topic for developers is the new law and imposing fees on developers. Many developers also discussed securing their interests and the security of investing in condos and aparthotels which popularity is growing. Such solutions work particularly in large cities being also a significant investment risk.

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